A grateful dad sends his thanks

 “It’s such a whirlwind of a situation when something happens to your child and you rush to the emergency room for care.  We just through it with my son Luca, who fell badly while standing on an unforgiving fence and damaged his inner thigh pretty badly.  As I look back on the past week, I can’t get over the quality of care we received at the Montreal Children's Hospital.  I know it's been said before that the Children's is a special place, but I can't help myself in wanting to repeat it over and over again after our experience. 

Every single individual we came across, and there were so many, had their heart in the right place and went above and beyond to try and help in whatever way they could. From triage in the Emergency Department to our discharge home, it was just amazing.  Of course, no one wants to go through a situation like we did, but in some strange way, the whole experience was pleasurable!  People talk about the Canadian healthcare system and the shortcomings we have but let me tell you, the experience we just went through was something to be incredibly proud of and we should celebrate how fortunate we are to have such an amazing place of care and compassion here in Montreal. 

As we checked out following surgery and recovery, I kept thinking that I didn't know who to thank for all the support we received.  So here you: Thank you, Children's.  Really.  You are doing everything right - keep it going.” – 14-year old Luca’s dad, Anthony